1: Title: Get Shakira's Core Workout Description: Try Shakira's challenging 6-move core workout routine for a stronger, toned midsection.

2: Title: Start with Planks Description: Begin Shakira's core workout with plank variations to engage your entire core muscles.

3: Title: Add Side Planks Description: Incorporate side planks to target your obliques and improve core stability like Shakira.

4: Title: Include Bicycle Crunches Description: Perform bicycle crunches to work your abs and obliques like Shakira for a sculpted core.

5: Title: Master Russian Twists Description: Challenge your core with Russian twists to mimic Shakira's core workout for a stronger midsection.

6: Title: Don't Forget Leg Raises Description: Elevate your core workout with leg raises to strengthen your lower abs like Shakira.

7: Title: Finish with Flutter Kicks Description: End Shakira's core workout with flutter kicks to target your lower abs and improve core endurance.

8: Title: Repeat for Results Description: Follow Shakira's core workout routine consistently for a toned midsection and improved core strength.

9: Title: Get Shakira's Abs Description: Achieve Shakira's sculpted abs by mastering her 6-move core workout routine for maximum results.