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Ben Johns is the undisputed #1 professional pickleball player in the world. He dominates in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions. A key part of Johns’ success is his pickleball paddle. He uses paddles designed specifically for his game by leading brand Joola. His current signature paddle, the joola ben johns Perseus, was created collaboratively to match his style and give him an edge. The perfect paddle maximizes Johns’ power, precision, and control. As we’ll explore, his paddle choice evolves as new technologies emerge. The paddle in Ben Johns’ hand propels him to the top.

Ben Johns’ Signature Joola Perseus Paddle

Ben Johns’ latest signature pickleball paddle from joola ben johns hyperion cfs is the Perseus. This new paddle was designed in direct collaboration with Johns himself.

A. Designed in Collaboration with Ben Johns

The Perseus was created leveraging insights from Ben Johns to optimize the paddle for his game and playing style. It underwent extensive R&D and testing by Joola’s product development team and Ben to perfect the design.

B. Features Charged Carbon Surface and Polymer Honeycomb Core

Key technologies built into the Perseus include:

  • Charged carbon surface – Provides extra “pop” and precision on shots
  • Polymer honeycomb core – Tuned for pro-level control and feel
  • Carbon frame – Increased durability for consistent play
  • Sure grip handle – Optimal traction and comfort

Together these deliver the touch and performance Johns demands.

C. Provides Power, Precision, and Optimal Hitting Area

The Perseus enables Ben Johns to:

  • Hit with tremendous pace and pinpoint accuracy
  • Expand the paddle’s sweet spot for complete coverage
  • Feel connected through every shot with ideal feedback

The Perseus provides Johan’s complete pro pickleball package – power, control, spin, and feel.

The paddle’s cutting-edge technologies were honed over 12 months with ben johns providing input throughout the design process resulting in his ideal paddle.

Joola Hyperion CFS 16 pickleball paddle review 2023

Prior to his new Perseus signature paddle, Ben Johns used the Joola ben johns hyperion cfs 16 as his paddle of choice when competing.

A. Ben’s Paddle Before the Perseus

Ben Johns used the Hyperion CFS 16 extensively on the professional pickleball tour before the release of the Perseus in 2022. This was his go-to pickleball paddle face for several years.

B. Carbon Friction Surface and Polymer Core

The Hyperion CFS 16 shares some key technologies with the Perseus:

  • Carbon friction surface – Textured face maximizes spin
  • Polymer honeycomb core – Provides great touch, lead tape and control
  • 16mm thickness – Preferred thickness for Johns’ power game

C. Rating of 93 Power, 94 Control, 95 Spin

Joola gives the Hyperion CFS 16 outstanding ratings across the board:

  • Power: 93
  • Control: 94
  • Spin: 95

This well-rounded performance perfectly suited ben johns signature paddle elite play style. The Hyperion cfs 16mm delivers a blend of power, accuracy, and versatility.

D. Aero-Curve Head Shape

The Hyperion cfs 16 paddle features an aero-curve head shape for fast swing speed, ideal for aggressive volley exchanges at the net. The curved edges reduce drag.

For years, the Hyperion CFS 16 enabled Ben Johns to dominate pro tournaments worldwide. It remains a top notch paddle for aspiring players.

Other Popular Joola Pickleball Paddles

In addition to Ben Johns’ signature paddles, Joola offers several other excellent pickleball paddle models meeting different needs and skill levels.

A. Hyperion CAS – More Affordable, Different Shape

The Hyperion CAS shares technology with the cfs technology but is more affordable. Key features:

  • Polymer honeycomb core – Great touch
  • Carbon abrasion surface – Durable Paddle Spin and control paddle
  • Slightly elongated shape – All-around playability
  • 16mm and 13.5mm options – Match power or control preference

It’s an excellent control-focused paddle perfect for intermediate players.

B. Scorpeus – Shares Perseus Technology, Traditional Shape

The Scorpeus utilizes the same cutting-edge features as the Perseus like the charged carbon face and polymer core. However, it has a traditional wider paddle shape instead of the Perseus’ elongated head. This gives it a massive sweet spot and balance of power, control and pop.

C. Essentials – Beginner Recreational Paddle

Joola’s Essentials paddle has a fiberglass surface and polymer core ideal for new players learning the sport. It gives great feel and feedback. Weighing 8.2oz, it allows beginners to develop proper technique before moving to a more advanced paddle.

Joola crafts paddles tailored to all skill sets. Explore their full product line to find your perfect match!

Where to Buy Ben Johns’ Joola Paddles

Ben Johns’ signature Joola paddles are now available at major retail outlets for fans aspiring to use the same gear as the world #1.

A. Available at Leading Pickleball Retailers

As the sport’s popularity soars, many top pickleball gear suppliers now carry Joola’s pro-level paddles including:

Shop online or visit a quality specialty pickleball store to try Ben Johns’ paddles!

B. Largest Selection Online at PickleballCentral

For the biggest selection of Joola paddles endorsed by pros like Ben Johns, PickleballCentral.com is the top choice.

They carry the full lineup including all pro signature models and the latest releases. Their paddle experts can also recommend the best match for your playing style.

C. In-Store at Specialty Shops like GSM

Brick-and-mortar stores like Game-Set-Match offer opportunities to try before you buy. Their knowledgeable staff can suggest paddles suited for your skill level.

Visit specialty pickleball retailers to get hands-on with Joola paddles and other top brands. Demo a paddle before deciding!

Why The Pros Use Joola

Many top professional pickleball players like Ben Johns choose Joola as their paddle of choice. Here are some of the key reasons.

A. History as a Major Paddle Sport Brand

Founded in Germany in 1952, Joola has decades of experience crafting gear for paddle sports like table tennis. They leverage this expertise manufacturing high-end pickleball paddles. Their paddles meet pro standards for performance and quality.

B. High-Quality Paddles and Technology

Joola uses cutting-edge materials and engineering in their paddles sought after by elite players:

  • Carbon fiber faces – Lightweight yet powerful
  • Polymer honeycomb cores – Superior touch and control
  • Ergonomic handles – Ultimate comfort and grip
  • Innovative shapes – Ideal swing speeds and coverage

Their R&D focuses on maximizing paddle capabilities.

C. Sponsorship of Top Pros Like Ben Johns

By sponsoring and collaborating with pros like Ben Johns, Joola gets insights directly from the world’s best players. Their input helps refine designs and technology.

Seeing champions like Johns dominating tournaments with joola ben johns gear builds the brand’s credibility and profile. Their paddles are proven winners.

D. Brand Prestige

For pros, aligning with an established brand like Joola brings prestige and name recognition. Players proudly represent the paddle maker, wearing their logo.

Joola’s reputation for quality gear and ties to top athletes drive pros to use their paddles.

Frequently Ask Questions

Ben Johns’ latest signature paddle is the Joola Perseus. It was designed in collaboration with him.

Ben Johns previously used the Joola Hyperion CFS 16 as his best pickleball paddle of choice.

The Perseus features a charged carbon surface and polymer honeycomb core for power and control.

The Hyperion CAS and Scorpeus are also excellent or great paddles made by Joola for different playing styles.

Joola paddles are sold at major retailers like PickleballCentral, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and specialty shops.

Joola is a proven paddle sports brand that makes high-quality gear suited for pros like Ben Johns.

With proper care, a pro paddle lasts 1-2 years with very frequent, competitive play before needing replacement.

Ben Johns uses the Joola ridge grip on his paddles which is designed for optimal traction.

The Perseus has a new charged carbon face and other enhancements developed specifically for Ben Johns’ game.

While no paddle instantly improves skill, pro-designed paddles like the Perseus can upgrade your capabilities.


In conclusion, Ben Johns has cemented his status as the number one professional pickleball player in the world using his signature Joola paddles.

A. Ben Johns’ Rise Fueled By His Joola Paddles

Ben Johns’ unprecedented success and dominance across all pro divisions is fueled in part by having the right paddle equipment customized for his game. His long-term partnership with Joola has seen the development of signature paddles like the Hyperion CFS 16 and now the Perseus purpose-built for Johns’ technical and power game. The evolution of paddles created collaboratively with Johns gives him an advantage competing against the world’s best.

B. Perseus Designed For Optimal Professional Play

The creation of the Perseus demonstrates how Joola leverages its paddle technology and engineering to maximize performance for elite pros like Ben Johns. By combining a charged carbon face for extra pop and a polymer honeycomb core for added control, along with an ergonomic handle, the Perseus delivers the touch and playability needed to excel in pro tournaments worldwide. The paddle enables Ben Johns to consistently play at the highest levels.

C. Try One Yourself and Play Like The Pros

While mastering Ben Johns’ skill level requires tremendous practice, fans can use his Joola paddles to unlock more of their personal potential. The pro paddles’ superb design, materials, and construction give any player an upgrade in power, control and feel. Aspiring competitors looking to step up their games can play with the same pro-caliber gear as their idols. Using a Ben Johns Joola paddle offers a equipment edge to recreational and amateur players too, bringing them closer to competing like the pros.

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