Pickleball is a fun and fast-moving game that is enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. However, to truly master the grip of the game and hit the ball with accurate precision and power, it is important to understand the proper technique for swinging your pickleball paddle. In this article, we will cover the basics of how to swing a pickleball paddle, including the proper grip, stance, and swing motion.

How to swing a pickleball paddle?

How to swing a pickleball paddle?

If you have got some experience in playing any game such as badminton, tennis, and cricket, there is a better chance for you to understand how the real game-winning tactics. But if you are not a sound player, there is still a chance to learn the initial understanding of the game. Of course, if you are a new player, and you get to play along with the experienced player, there is a high chance that they will be good at it and give you a tougher time. So, it is better to learn the playing style and then master the skills of swinging a pickleball paddle.

II. The Proper Grip

The proper grip means that the first finger should rightly align with the paddle and the other three should be curled around the paddle. It helps in better control and a harder grip. This property-held grip will not hurt your hands while playing. Also, try to use the power from your hand not the arm as the whole arm would be hurt by the wrong gripping style.

A. How to hold the paddle

The posture of your body depends on the way your body feels comfortable. The power in your hand is generated by the contraction of your body muscles. It starts from the feet, reaches to the legs then to the body muscles, and helps you in playing. Your body weight should be balanced in a way to not hurt any muscles and body parts. It will help you in playing peacefully.

B. How to adjust your grip for different shots

III. The Proper Stance

When beginners are about to first begin their play and even people who have played for a long time, see a ball hit hard coming towards them, they have so much movement from their feet, legs, body, arms, wrist, hands, and even head.  There is only ONE motion you should be doing when you are playing. That ONE motion Is to accelerate the Paddle toward the ball. Stop to jump up, jumping back, lean sideways,  do not close your eyes, and do all other movements except accelerating the paddle toward the ball. Here is how we begin:

Be in your CORE major stance (the ready position), feet apart from each other and knees bent properly, and body upright.  Your hitting forearm should be too close to parallel to the ground at chest height about 6 to 10 inches in front of your body.  Hold the paddle (if you are right-handed) over the left side of your body. Your paddle face should keep being parallel to the net (facing the net).  To be in this position, your arm should be free to swing downward or upward from your elbow creating an arc from the left side to the right side of the body.  This is what I call the PENDULUM SWING.

A. How to position your feet

While playing any paddle game, there is a high chance to get your feet injured. You should align your first leg in the forward direction and the rear one a little behind. In this position, you are a little bend toward the floor which gives you a higher chance of not missing any shots and not getting your legs hurt easily.

B. How to align your body with the net

Do not get too much closer to the net as there is a high chance of not playing properly. Be in the middle so that if you have to move nearer or backward there is some equal distance on both sides. Try to hit the ball upwards so that it does not touch the net and make a foul.

IV. The Swing Motion

The swing motion means how much speed the ball travels throughout the distance. It completely depends on your hitting capability of you. It allows you to play with the desired motion of the ball.

A. How to generate power in your swing

Generating power would be an easy yet different task. You should make your muscles stronger by working in a gym. It helps you play with better power and hit the powerful shot.

B. How to hit different shots (forehand, backhand, etc.)

The forehead shot is the most game-changing. It means to hit directly at the paddle where your opponent is weak to play. It somehow relates to the smash technique in badminton. Mostly, this works because the opponent player is not in a position to hit the ball backward.

V. Tips and Tricks

The best tip to consider while playing pickleball is:

  • You should keep as calm as possible because it keeps your nerves dilated and you can play with complete focus and ability.
  • Make your body strong enough to hit the ball with thorough power. It should be on your priority list at the top,
  • Keep practicing the game as much as possible. There is a high chance that you will master the game within just a few months.

A. How to practice your swing

Practicing your swing is the best of every technique you are considering practicing. Take around 1 to 2 hours according to your availability and practice more and more. It could be done with anyone; either someone who is the very initial player or someone who is experienced at it. Everything comes into place when you give more time to it.

B. How to adjust your swing for different playing surfaces

While playing, you will get to experience different surfaces. If it is rigid metal with a very hardcore, you should hit the ball with fewer shots. A, bigger shot would allow the ball to move very far off. I you are to be contacted with a plastic surface, you will need to throw the ball with less shot.

VI. Alignment and Eye Contact

Eye contact must be made right with the ball coming toward you. It allows you to directly hit the ball. Many players are seen to not look directly or somehow they miss the shot. In this way, they are better in a position to hit the ball with a complete shot. Keep an eye over where your opponent is about to hit, consider that position, and make a go with it.

Type of ShotGripStanceSwing Motion
ForehandContinentalOpen stanceSweep motion
BackhandEasternClosed stancePush motion
ServeAmericanOpen stanceSweep motion

When it comes to the exact grip for swinging a pickleball paddle, there are very different options to select from. The most famous grip is the continental grip, which is similar to the grip used in tennis. This grip allows for maximum control and versatility when hitting different types of shots. Another popular grip is the eastern grip, which is used for backhand shots and allows for more power to hit in your swing.

When it comes to your stance, it is important to position your feet in such a way that allows you to generate power and control in your swing. For forehand shots, an open stance with your feet facing the net is best. For backhand shots, a closed stance with your feet facing the net is a more appropriate option. When serving, it is also best to use an open stance.


When it comes to the swing motion itself, there are a few different techniques you can use to hit different types of shots quite easily. For forehand shots, a sweep motion is most effective. This is where you use a circular motion to generate power in your swing. For backhand shots, a push motion is best. This is where you use a more linear motion to generate power.

One of the effective ways to improve your swing is to practice regularly. Experiment with different grips, stances, and swing motions to find what works best for you. Additionally, be sure to adjust your swing for different playing surfaces. For example, if you are playing on a hard court, you may need to use more power in your swing than if you are playing on a soft court.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, learning how to swing a pickleball paddle properly is essential for mastering the game tactics. By understanding the proper grip, stance, and swing motion, you will be able to hit the ball with better precision and power and take your pickleball game to the next top level. And this precision and accuracy will not be achieved in a few days, it requires a lot of practice and daily hard work.

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