A broken or damaged pickleball paddle does not have to mean the end of your favorite game. When you purchase a cheap pickleball paddle. There is lesser material quality. You will have to face the issue of fixing it in that regard.

How to fix a pickleball paddle

How to fix a pickleball paddle

Pickleball very is a famous sport that needs the use of a paddle. However, even the best paddles can become damaged with time. Whether it is a broken handle or there is a crack in the surface, a damaged paddle can affect your game and make it difficult to play. But do not worry, as there are different ways to fix a pickleball paddle so that it is as good as a newly purchased one.

Many people spend many dollars on the purchasing of paddles. But there it usually lasts for 4 to 5 years. Of course, every material comes with some loopholes. If you want to increase the life of your pickleball paddle, then there are a few steps and instructions you can follow to make it live longer.

Their several factors that are responsible to cause damage to the pickleball paddle. We will let you know all here:

  • Weather Change
  • Physical Phenomemnons
  • Throwing Awaty Carelessly
  • Not cleanliness
  • Hitting things while playing
  • Getting slipped while you play
  • Do not use it for multipurpose
  • Overly use of Paddles

Let’s get deep into the discussion:

Weather Change

The weather change phenomenon can play a huge role in damaging your paddles. Considering the rainy season, exposure to water for a long time causes harm to all the parts. Whether it is a handle or the paddle, the sweet spot area would get damaged very keenly.

Physical Phenomenon’s

Physical phenomena such as thunder, wind, rain, and many other unusual activities if often exposed to the paddle, have serious outcomes.

Throwing Away Carelessly

The paddle should be placed inside a proper bag. It should not be thrown away without properly taking care of it.

Not cleanliness

You should once a week examine your paddle, and cleanliness and pay heed to clean it properly.

Hitting things while playing

Often when we are playing, there is a high chance that you may hit another paddle or be hit by any wall aside. You should try playing in an open area where there fewer obstacles causing your paddle problems.

Getting slipped while you play

When you are playing, you can get slipped anyway. You should try wearing the costume and shoes that bring you comfort and ease to play in any area.

Do not use it for multipurpose

Paddles are specifically designed to play pickleball. The material when exposed or touched to the ground can cause scratches oh. It can further lead to bad performance in playing.

Overly use of Paddles

Usually, a pickleball paddle lasts for about 4 to 5 years. There must be taken complete care when you are using paddles. Do not overuse it just thinking that it might work longer. But in the other case, you should be careful in protecting its long life.

Once consider the factors that cause the damage to the pickleball paddle, you would be able to know what measures you should take if you are involved in solving this problem.

Use moderate glue

If the paddle has been broken for any reason, try attaching it with the help of glue. The amount of glue must not be too much or too less. The lesser amount would not help the materials stick properly and an excessive amount would also cause roughness in your paddle. Be moderate while applying glue.

Clean your paddle

There is a fair chance while playing with a paddle that the paddle will be dirty with debris and dirt. The dirt accumulated over the years would cause issues while playing.

Rubbing with alcohol

Alcohol has a high quality of cleaning any surface without causing any damage to it. So, if you are using alcohol to remove any dirt from the pickleball paddle. It would be a good approach. Alcohol would clean it shiny and new just as you bought it the first time.

Take clean cotton or any cloth and start rubbing gently over the paddle. This exercise must be done once a week at least not to face these circumstances again.

we will go through the steps on how to fix a broken pickleball paddle handle and how to repair a damaged pickleball paddle surface.

Step 1: Identify the Damage

If are an aggressive player, there is a high chance to get your pickleball paddle broken. So, the first step in fixing a pickleball paddle is to identify the damage that happened. If the handle is broken, you are required to replace it with a new one. If the surface is damaged, you will have to repair it.

In either case, it’s important to inspect the paddle carefully to determine the extent of the damage caused.

Step 2: Check if the edge guard is broken

When you are playing regularly, you can have the experience of getting your edge guard broken, Unfortunately, there is no such solution to this problem. Because the edge guard is responsible to keep the handle and paddle together.

But, there is a solution you can replace the edge guard with a new one. Here you will have to require professional assistance.

Step 3:Check if the handle is broken:

Many times handle gets broken while playing. You can easily replace it with a new one. Or you can add a piece of material and cover it whole with a piece of grip or any adhesive tape. It has come to notice that if a person loses a match they will throw the paddle anyway.

So, the paddle gets broken in that regard. If you are using a wooden paddle, then you are on the safe side that it might not get broken easily.

Step 4: Gather Materials

Before you can begin the process to repair, you will need to add up all the necessary materials. For a broken handle, you will need a new handle, glue, and a clamp or vice. For a damaged surface, you will need epoxy or another type of repair adhesive, sticky sandpaper, and a putty knife or spatula.

Step 5: Replace the Handle

If your paddle handle is extremely broken, you will need to replace it. To do this, remove all the remaining pieces of the old handle and clean the surface of the paddle. Then, apply glue to the new handle and insert it into the paddle. Use a clamp or vice to hold the handle in place while the glue dries.

Step 6: Repair the Surface

If the surface of your paddle is damaged, you will need to repair it. To do this, clean the surface of the paddle and sand down any rough edges that appeared. Then, apply epoxy or another type of repair adhesive to the damaged area and smooth it out with a putty knife or spatula. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before sanding down the surface again to create a smooth finish.

Step 7: Assemble it All

The next and final step is to assemble all the desired components in a well-mannered way. Compare it with any other new pickleball paddle. If it works properly then you are good to go. Otherwise, look for the loopholes and then work on them. Try testing one by one by adding the materials. Hopefully, it all will work properly according to the desire.

Step 8: Test the Paddle

Once the repair is complete, it is important to test the paddle to make sure it is in good working order. Play a few games and see how the paddle feels. If everything is good, then you have successfully fixed your pickleball paddle.


In conclusion, a broken or damaged pickleball paddle does not have to mean the end of your favorite game. When you purchase a cheap pickleball paddle. There is lesser material quality. You will have to face the issue of fixing it in that regard.

But there is no need to get worried about it. As there are many alternative solutions available if you ever get in a situation of breaking your paddle. With a little bit of work and the right materials, you can fix your paddle and get back to routine playing in no time.

All you need is to collect the required materials and follow the detailed steps. Remember to identify the damage, gather all the necessary materials, replace the handle if necessary, repair the surface, and test the paddle to ensure it is in good working order. Happy playing!

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